Cecilia says…

“Mom, Simon’s fathering me!” (following/bothering)

After Brian tried to teach her the “boo-who?” knock-knock joke, she walks out of her room, closes her door, and knocks: “Knock knock. Who’s dere? Who-boo. Ding-dong! Dad!”

Coming out of her room in tears at 10:30 pm: “I don’t want to go where I chose to go.” Further conversations did not elucidate.

When I couldn’t figure out how to do something: “Mom, maybe when you’re thirty you will be able to do that.”

When we read “Just Me and My Little Brother” absolutely every time that phrase is read: – “…just me and my little brother.” – “Yeah, and some friends.”



Cecilia is getting better and better at articulation and her vocabulary is growing, so some of our favorite pronunciations and made-up terms are things of the past. No more “y” for “l” – in fact, she is very careful to pronounce the “l” so it really stands out. That’s cute too, but we sure miss “yeyyow” and “yike.” Also gone, “ganks” for thanks. I do miss that one.

Things she says says though: “grill” for girl (Brian’s favorite); “squail” for squirrel; “scrunchy” for crunchy; “rake” for rack.

Today I heard a new one. I cooked a pasta dish with some wilted spinach in it. She told me she would try a bite of the “scrunched-up salad.”

Hats and happenings

I spent some time this week sorting and packing away little baby clothes. I have to admit, seeing the baby girl clothes again made me a wee bit wistful that we didn’t get to use all the cute little dresses this time.

Good thing I found a tiny flat cap at the consignment store. I think it’s the perfect antidote for that feeling.


It might be the cutest thing I’ve ever put on a baby head. Handsome little guy! Continue reading

Some little quotes and such

Cecilia’s beloved teacher moved away last month. As a going-away present, she gave each of her students a watch. Now, Cecilia has been begging for a watch for months. For a while, she would take some of Simon’s chain-link teethers and wear them as watches. But this watch, you know, actually gave the time. Plus it lit up and flashed if you pushed its buttons. It was a dream come true.

She’s been learning some about time – not enough to totally tell time, but enough to know that bedtime is after 7, for example, and nap is over at 3.

Which is why she burst out of her room in the middle of naptime today, announcing “Mom, it was getting close to 2 o’clock. I’m so, so happy about that.” Continue reading

Remember this?

I’ve been thinking lately, man, it would be nice to have a spot to write down the funny little things Cecilia says and does – and Simon too, as he grows – so that I can come back to them down the road and other interested parties (coughcough grandparents) can see them too.

…oh, right. The blog thing. Continue reading