Hello! We’ve set up this blog as an easy place for us to share photos and stories of our family, in particular of the baby currently occupying to much space in my belly. We hope it will be an easy way to help our family and friends watch our family grow from all corners of the US and the world, whether or not you are on facebook.

As I write this welcome, it’s three days shy of the littlest Dolinar’s due date, and we are so ready to meet this baby! The clothes and diapers are washed and put away, the co-sleeping bassinet is set up next to the bed, the playpen has found a spot in our living room that doesn’t obstruct foot traffic too much. Thanks to a good friend’s help (and her infant’s cooperation!) the freezer is pretty well stuffed with meals. Our bags are packed for the hospital. In short, let’s get this show on the road!


(Photos: three weeks less pregnant than now, and now)

There’s a pretty serious thunderstorm outside right now, and more storms promised over the weekend. I’m hoping the link between storms and labor is more than an old wive’s tale! God willing, we’ll have an exciting update soon.


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