One-handed update

Okay, when I typed the title it was one-handed. But now Daddy’s holding Cecilia, so I have full use of both hands! The title is an accurate representation of life right now, though. Our daughter loves being held, so we’re getting pretty good at managing tasks one-handed these days.

Don’t let that sleepy face fool you, you set her down and she’s awake in a flash. Makes the night-time fun.

We went for a check-up today, and Cecilia is doing great. Right on target for weight, height and head size, hanging near the 50th percentile in all categories. We know people tend to look down on mediocrity, but in this case we’re pretty happy about it. She’s beautifully chubby and happy, and the PA had nothing but good things to say.

She’s spending more of the day awake now, so we’re getting to see more of those beautiful blue eyes.

We’ve been lucky enough to have several visits from family so far. My mom made it out our first weekend for three wonderful, all-too-short days of help, encouragement, and baby-admiration. Brian’s parents came on the tail end of the same weekend to visit their first grandchild. We’re looking forward to adding a fourth grandparent to our collection soon, when my dad makes his visit in a few weeks.

Proud Gram!

Brian’s parents came back this past weekend, with Brian’s brother this time, since Sunday was Cecilia’s baptism. It was great to have another visit from grandparents so soon, and Sean got to be the first uncle our baby met. We got lots of help setting everything up for the baptism party, but mostly we got to sit around and admire this chubby little cutie.

Proud Grandma!

Proud Grandpa!

Proud Uncle Sean!

The baptism was wonderful. I’ve been working on a crocheted gown since February, and it’s a good thing I started so early. It was a very long project, but I’m really happy with how it turned out.

I feel kind of bad – our daughter cried through the whole ceremony, except for the actual pouring of water. The other family having their daughter baptized will have a video full of Cecilia’s lovely voice as she tries to keep all attention on her. Already a diva!

I can’t ever get over how beautiful baptism is. Spiritually, emotionally, aesthetically, just beautiful.

Anyway, Cecilia’s now a child of God and her head smells amazing. Life is good!


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