Babywearing, smiles

The mei tai (cloth panel baby carrier) from Eileen (my sister-in-law) arrived yesterday! We pulled it out today and took it for a spin. I’ve worn Cecilia already in a Moby (cloth wrap baby carrier), to Mass this past Sunday and to the zoo yesterday with a couple other moms and babies. Sorry, didn’t remember to take any pictures of that. So for the inaugural mei tai adventure, Brian did the honors.

Is there anything cuter than a dad and his baby?

Matching eyes! These two look so much alike.

We went for a lovely walk around the neighborhood. Well, okay, we went to get giant ice cream cones and then we walked through the park before going home to make ourselves feel better about our health decisions.

Life is still quiet and good here. Cecilia eats…

The face of a hungry baby

and sleeps…

The face we see most of the time

and generally enchants her parents with her really, really, really good looks.

Are popped collars even trendy anymore?

Today I managed to catch her not only awake, but smiling! She doesn’t smile socially, but her little grins are so cute that it doesn’t even matter.


4 thoughts on “Babywearing, smiles

  1. man MC you have beautiful eyes but I have thought for YEARS that Brian’s were too pretty to be wasted on a boy so I am SO GLAD he appears to have passed them on to Cecilia. 😀


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