One Month

Okay, more than one month. I’m just a little behind. 😉

We decorated this onesie ourselves, since the 1-month decal suffered an unfortunate ironing accident.

Okay, I did the decorating. While watching Netflix. Brian provided moral support.

Look at how much she’s grown!

It’s amazing what a difference one month can make. She seems huge to me – I know, it’s only just begun – and she is so much more alert and interactive than the sleepy newborn of late August. Not that she doesn’t still sleep a lot…

In fact, she’s sleeping on my stomach right now.

On Saturday we went apple picking with other grad students in my department. We’ve been looking forward to apple season all summer, Brian especially. The man loves his cider. There were some beautiful apples in season.

These were the prettiest – Ruby Jons, so deep-red they’re almost purple.

The wooden crate under the apples was too picturesque to pass up.

It was hot and sunny, maybe one of the last warm weekends of the year. I’m glad we got out and enjoyed the fresh air before winter inevitably catches up with us. Still loving the mei tai carrier, which made our little excursion totally a breeze.

I promise, Cecilia is in there! She’s being hidden from the sun.

See! She’s there!


That’s all for now! I’ll leave you with an illustration of Cecilia’s hatred for the carseat:

At least (at this point) she wasn’t screaming.


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