Wakeful Baby

Before I start, can I just say… go Irish!

Watching the clip of sleeping Cecilia again, I realize how much the camera angle exaggerates the fat on her arm. She’s not quite that chubby, though it does make me feel confident that she’s getting enough milk from me.

I also realized that a video of her while awake might be nice too. She’s awake more every day, it seems, and not just to eat or fuss. She’s pretty darn cheerful! It’s so much fun to watch her little personality emerge bit by bit.


2 thoughts on “Wakeful Baby


    also this video seems like an extended monologue wherein Cecilia is like “food? sleep? food? sleep? come on Mom work with me here.”

    aaaaaaaaaaaaah so excited to meet her!


    • Haha. I think she is trying to figure out what to do with herself now that she’s awake for longer, non-hungry stretches. There’s more to life than eating and sleeping?! So… what is that, exactly?

      Not long until we see you!


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