Seven quick takes – cold snap!

1 – excuses

I don’t have many pictures of Cecilia this week – oops. Truth is, Brian’s back at work and I’ve been adjusting to full-time on-my-own baby care. Fun, but I’m tired! And haven’t been thinking of the camera often. Enter 7 quick takes – a nice Friday motivation to remind me to update everyone (okay, the grandparents and Johanna mostly) on Cecilia and life in Madison. The loose theme: fall!

2 – carseat crazies

I wasn’t kidding when I indicated that Cecilia hates the carseat. We get a lot of screaming in the car, which should make our drive to Chicago in a couple weeks a total blast. (Experienced parents, any advice?) Sometimes we’ll luck out and get sleep over screams, but not usually. At least I feel vindicated in our decision to go without stroller and baby swing – I can’t imagine she’d care for either of those right now.

Yes, I wrote about carseats as an excuse for this adorable picture: the happiest by far she’s been in her carseat.

3 – the weather

Thus commences the ‘fall’ theme. It was sunny and hot when we went apple picking. No longer! Cecilia wears a fleece footed ‘coat’ outside and our heat is running to keep our shivering to a minimum. For now I can think of it as lovely autumn weather, but I’m sure it’s not too long until we’re wading through snow and scraping windshields. Oh, winter!

4 – fall sports

I always said I wouldn’t be *that* ND alum, the one whose kids’ first words were “go Irish.” But…

it’s just so cute!


5 – fall food

About that apple picking, we had to find something to do with the apples. The answer was, of course, pie.

It was delicious. There’s still a big piece of it in the kitchen and it’s taking every ounce of self-control not to eat it up while Brian’s at work. He’d best be happy he married a woman of such remarkable restraint.

6 – ‘cuddle weather’

It may be chilly, but it’s a great excuse for some extra snuggles with the cutest cute this side of anywhere.

7 – slings

Mom kindly sent me two slings that she used with Liam. They are a great complement to the Moby and mei tai that we already have. The disadvantage people usually mention with slings is that they put the weight on one shoulder only. This is true, but with a small baby it’s not such a problem. And there’s one big advantage – they are very quick to put on, nothing to wrap around and tie. I’ve been using one around the house when I need to get something done quickly – making breakfast first thing in the morning, for example. The other is in the car so we’ll always have a way to carry her if we’re out.

Thanks, Mom!

Quick takes are hosted by Jennifer at Conversion Diary


5 thoughts on “Seven quick takes – cold snap!

  1. Tip for dealing with baby who hates the car seat: mom sits in the back seat and achieves higher level yoga pose in order to nurse the screaming baby!


  2. I was going to say sit in the back seat for long rides! It’s not safe to nurse while the car is going though… imagine what would happen if a wreck forced you forward while you were nursing.

    To be honest nothing really helped us for the long 8 hour + rides we had when Lucy was that small. Lucy found mirrors entertaining though. Do you have one to put on the backseat for her to look at?


  3. I always sit in the back seat if Brian is there to drive. Obviously not to nurse though, except after we park. 😉 My mere presence is not enough! Occasionally my pinkie in her mouth will keep her from totally freaking out. We are planning on getting a pacifier for the car only to see if that helps. I haven’t tried a mirror though. Great idea!


  4. We had a mirror in the car when M was little, but I don’t remember what else we did. Our 14 month old currently HATES the car, so we are trying to figure out that situation.

    And I have TOTALLY nursed in the car…we just couldn’t take the screaming, I was desperate to calm him down, and we had a long drive home in front of us.


    • Yeah, the screaming is awful to handle. We still have screaming even though she’s getting better about it. I have a new mantra: “She’s physically fine, she’s physically fine, she’s physically fine…” Bummer that Miss Thing hates the car! Is it better, or worse, than the newborn screaming?


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