How she grows

My tiny, clingy, sleepy newborn is none of those things now.

Dressed up for Mass last weekend

She has grown so much. Her head, her hands, her chunky thighs, her torso. I just can’t get over how big, and strong, and solid, my little baby is.

Her halloween costume

I wrote that she hated the carseat. She still does, but less and less. If she is fed and content going into the seat, she’s likely to only fuss a bit, or even coo quietly, especially if it’s a short trip.

Miss don’t-you-dare-put-me-down-for-a-moment will now lie on the couch or floor next to where I sit, smiling at me and making all sorts of happy noises, practicing all the ways she can move her arms and legs. She’ll even be happy alone in the pack’n’play, looking at the toys dangling above her. They aren’t long stretches of time before she wants to be picked up, but so much longer than they used to be.

She did smile, I promise, but I swear she’s suspicious of the camera. I pull it out, and no more smiles. I have to be a camera ninja!

Sometimes I can even put her down asleep, and she’ll nap on her own for a while.

…and sometimes she sleeps in a perfect dance-move pose. She shows real talent.

And when she’s awake, the grins and sounds are more and more interactive. She was a big hit at our polling place yesterday, smiling at everyone. She loves when we sing songs and read stories, and I’m starting up some of my favorite baby games: ‘how big,’ ‘stinky feet,’ ‘this little piggie,’ ‘pattycake.’

Ninja camera caught a smile!

I loved our squishy cuddly little newborn Cecilia and I miss her already, but at 2 months she is just so much fun. She’s starting to show her independence and personality, and it’s beautiful.

But don’t worry, she still cuddles a ton!

The Moby is particularly good for cuddles on the go.


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