Tummy Time and the Advent of Winter (but not Advent)

Last week, Cecilia rolled onto her back three times. I think it was mostly an accident of how I set her down – she had her elbows under her already, so she didn’t have to work as hard. She hasn’t done it since, and I sure didn’t capture it on video. Actually, I didn’t see any of the rolls myself, only the confusion of a baby who didn’t know how she was suddenly facing up instead of down.

I did take several videos of her during tummy time though, in hopes that she might roll again. You can see that she’s giving it her best effort, but she hasn’t quite figured out how it happened in the first place.

I also got a bit of cheerful chatter on video, but you’ll have to take my word for it that her off-camera personality is much bigger.

Another new thing Cecilia has discovered: playing with her hands. She has been sucking on her fist for a couple weeks now, but only just found that she can bring both hands together and play with them.

As a result, she frequently looks as though she’s plotting against her giant overlords

Winter has made its arrival known. We had our first snowfall…

That means laundry. Actually, almost every day means laundry.

A long winter’s nap

And Cecilia has made it very clear that she does not like being bundled up.

Not even a little bit

Most of all, she doesn’t care for things that keep her head warm. Her parents, on the other hand, think her hats are the cutest things ever. We just got a new one, courtesy of Uncle Sean, which arrived fortuitously on the day she was already wearing a Pooh outfit.


And that’s about it! She is happy and adorable as ever, becoming more so by the minute.


And sometimes pensive

But mostly happy!


One thought on “Tummy Time and the Advent of Winter (but not Advent)

  1. 1) That first video: I went “wow that sounded a lot like spitup” and lo and behold, spitup! The things we do for art.

    2) BUT LOOK AT HOW GOOD SHE HOLDING HER HEAD UP AND AAAAAAAAAAAAW SHE TRYING SO HARD little baby ooogooobooboo who’s a strong little girl you are yes you are

    3) DAT SMILE

    4) Is it just me, or is her hair getting redder?

    5) I just can’t get over what a perfect mix of the two of you she is LOOK AT WHAT Y’ALL DID Y’ALL DID SUCH A GOOD JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB


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