Rolling, and a Monkey: a drama in three acts

In my hurry to get that video posted the other day before something happened (Cecilia woke up? or got hungry? or got tired of playing on the floor? or something) I forgot the all-important disclaimer that she hadn’t actually managed to roll over yet. Sorry for being such a tease.

Well, that changed yesterday. I watched her try for almost half an hour after her first nap (the girl’s determined!), decided she’d be practicing for a few more days before she got it, and turned my attention to reading something. I looked back a minute later, and it took me a little while to register that she was on her stomach, and I had set her down on her back.

Moments after she rolled, looking very proud of herself

Well, she had been working on the roll for a good long time, so she needed a good meal and nap. But that afternoon I set her down and pulled out the camera, hoping that I could catch roll number two on film for posterity. The result was the stuff of great theater.

Act I: A Valiant Effort

Cecilia knows that she can roll over, so she sets out with confidence. After a couple false starts, she turns onto her belly. But alas! Her arm continues to stand in her way, and though she has reached her destination, she cannot stay, for the arm sends her careening back in disgrace. With a cry of frustration, our heroine admits her defeat.

Act II: Love Only Holds Her Back

Still stinging from her last attempt, Cecilia is easily distracting by a monkey swinging onto the scene. She and the monkey are soon very attached. But though her love is true, Cecilia has not forgotten her lofty aspirations. The second act explores the tension between her two desires, for they are incompatible. Her relationship with the monkey grows increasingly hostile, and in the heartwrenching climax Cecilia chooses her ambitions over her life with the monkey.

Act III: Alone, but Unsuccessful

After a brief mourning period, Cecilia re-applies herself to her ambitious goal. For a glorious moment it seems that her sacrifice has paid off, but the arm once again sends her toppling. The closing scene, in which Cecilia attempts to make things right with her monkey, leaves the audience to wonder if she was foolish to leave it for her dream of rolling.

Soundtrack by Nana Mouskouri, mom-voice commentary by yours truly

Of course, as soon as our intrepid camerawoman wrapped the last scene, Cecilia found the inner strength to roll over and stay there. Off-video. But after that I was able to catch the end of another successful attempt.

And now she is a pro. Since she still hasn’t quite figured out how to roll off her stomach, my new life consists of setting her on her back every other minute and watching her roll again, then immediately decide she liked it better on her back after all.

She thinks it’s a hilarious game, of course


3 thoughts on “Rolling, and a Monkey: a drama in three acts

  1. THAT WAS THOROUGHLY CHARMING OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BABY and oooooooooooooh that’s a daddy face there at the end there yes it is

    also a+ mom-voicing ALSO how much did my heart melt when she looked at you when you called her name THERE WAS A LOT OF MELTING OKAY ALSO let my people go ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha a++++++ song choice would listen again



  2. All I could think of in act II was the opening of act II of The Drowsy Chaperone (Bride’s Lament):
    “Monkey, monkey, monkey….you broke my heart in two…….”


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