Five months

On Sunday our Cecilia turned five months. Five!

As clearly illustrated by the onesie – decorated by Grandma!

She rolls all over the room, and if willpower were enough she would be crawling too. The poor girl just wants to GO!

#1 baby, it says. And it’s right.

Look at the cankles and fat calves up there! She continues to be chubby and my arms get quite the workout walking her to sleep. She’s taller, too.

But not as tall as the giraffe.

She continues to be the happy, energetic, outgoing, cuddly baby we love so much. Good growing, girl!


One thought on “Five months


    also I meant to have her present in the mail to her this week but then root canal. I SWEAR I WILL GET IT IN THE MAIL IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS.


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