She amazes me

Can you believe Cecilia will be six months old tomorrow! That’s half a year! When, how, did that happen? She is constantly growing more capable and confident. I love getting to watch her learn and develop – it’s fascinating, and I’m often amazed at how much she takes in and figures out for herself.

First, there’s her sheer size. Her 6-month well visit isn’t for another two weeks so I’m not sure of her weight, but when I stand on the scale then pick her up it reads a difference of 16 pounds. An inaccurate measure, but probably not too far off. This morning I put her in 9-month clothing and it’s only a little big. Her 6-month stuff was really starting to stretch out!

You can see the stretch a bit here, in the feet and around the diaper.

She’s getting stronger, too. No crawling or independent sitting yet, but she spends a good deal of time rocking forward and backward on her hands and knees – pre-crawling – and propped up on one hip and her hands – pre-sitting. The Sunday after Valentine’s Day she sat up in a restaurant high chair with my coat providing a bit of extra support.

She also seems to understand that the camera means ‘look this way and smile!’

“Now the other one has it!”

She’s getting good at manipulating things in her hands. She can reach out and grasp an object she wants, pass it between her hands, turn it around to examine it, and of course bring it to her mouth (the best part, she says!). I’ve also seen her early attempts at pincer grasping. She’ll hold out her hand and watch while she bends her index finger down to touch her thumb, her other fingers following behind.

Notice how non-screamy she is in the car seat, too

She definitely wants to grab everything – but especially paper

At a Notre Dame handbell concert!

and pens

I had this hilarious idea that I could get a bit of work done while she went to sleep

and cloth.

She grabbed this from the middle of the room and rolled all the way under the table with it. As you can see, she was *very* proud of herself

Her first babbling sound is DADA!

a fact which this dad does not mind one bit

She loves story time, of course,

Learning her opposites

though she likes it best when she gets to do the ‘reading’

This face just cracks me up

and her favorite part is less written word and more oral tradition.

Goodnight, mush

We keep her board books in a low basket on the floor so they can be accessible to her as she gets a little bigger without setting her loose on all the books on our shelves (also, we have a lot of books and limited shelf space). She is just starting to discover that there’s something cool in there and just getting coordinated enough to have a look and reach in.


Have these been here THIS WHOLE TIME?

Thanks for reading!


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