Halfy Birthday, Cecilia!

Today marks six months since Cecilia punched her way out into the open. Some pictures that I got before her diaper leaked poop all over the onesie:

It was very hard to get one on her back because she kept rolling over

And hard to get one on her stomach because she kept twisting around to look at her one true love (the camera)

That poor giraffe just can’t keep up with her growth

Six months is the current recommendation for when to start solid foods. Since Brian is not home for dinner tonight, we started yesterday with some carrot. We’re using an approach called baby-led weaning, which is a fancy name for skipping the annoying purees and cereals and giving babies soft foods that they can pick up and put in their own mouths. We hope to be giving her whatever we are eating within a few months, but we’re starting with one simple food at a time to work up to that. So Brian cut a carrot into thinnish sticks and cooked them until soft.

Her first piece of solid food!

As much as she grabs for whatever we’re eating, and sticks everything in sight into her mouth, it took her a little while to reach for the carrot. And of course she wasn’t sure what to think of the new texture and flavor.

What have you done to me?

She also dropped a good deal into her lap, of course, but she held onto a stick and chomped on it several times.


This resulted in some tiny bits that got swallowed, and some bigger chunks that she held uncomfortably in her mouth, moved around, gagged on a bit and eventually spat out. Pretty much expected for a first-food experience, as she doesn’t really know what to do with food yet. It’s a brand-new learning experience!

Not quite pictured: flecks of carrot all over her shirt. Note to self: that’s why people gave us bibs.

A video of her first attempt, complete with heartless laughter from her mean ol’ parents:

If you do nothing else, go back and check out her eyebrow at 1:05 – she is going to be such an expressive person!

And that’s all we’ve done since yesterday. Cecilia and I have been struggling through another exciting first:

But not because of sodas.

We had dared to leave the house and walk among the unwashed masses. Her reward: major congestion and a faucet for a nose the past two days. She’s understandably cranky about it and not nursing or sleeping well, so I threw out my to-do list for the week (along with my hopes for things like decent rest and 3 real meals a day, I’m afraid) to accommodate her clinginess and push the milk and naps as hard as I can. Not my favorite days of parenting so far, but we’re soldiering on. Feel free to send me coffee, takeout, chocolate, wine… 😉


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