Glorious food!

Baked potato at Friday’s fish fry

Cecilia’s not exactly a pro at Project Chewandswallow, but she’s rather enjoying having something of her own at mealtimes.


So far she has tried: boiled carrot, sauteed sweet potato, homemade bread crust, steamed broccoli, baked potato, fried fish (the inside, not the breading! There’s plenty of time for unhealthy grease when she’s older), shredded cheddar, chicken, and banana. Her favorite so far? Definitely the broccoli. It’s a good size and shape for her to hold, fun to mash with her hands, and the tops come off in tiny pieces that are easy to move around in the mouth and swallow, even for a beginner like Cecilia. Too bad for us, it’s one of the messiest too. The little bits get all over in an instant.

She doesn’t mind.

Needless to say, our bath mentality is shifting from “she’s not getting dirty anyway, maybe next month”* to “we should probably do this on the regular now, screaming or no.”**

Anyway. Practice makes perfect, so we’re giving her lots of practice. She’s already showing improvement in the way she manages food in her hands and her mouth.

Her favorite thing, though? The sippy cup! We pulled one out yesterday and she absolutely lunged for it and ignored everything else. We only put an ounce or two of water in it but she gulped quite a bit and soaked the front of her shirt. She also spent a good deal of time trying to use it unsuccessfully, and getting angry when it didn’t work for her.

*Not an exaggeration! Overachievers we may not be. But I did sponge-bathe as necessary. She wasn’t disgusting, I promise.

**Also not an exaggeration, I’m afraid, regardless of how we bathe her. Se’d rather stay dry, thank you very much.


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