Words Cecilia can say

Sure, it’s been months since I posted at all. Many more since I posted regularly. I may be *slightly* behind. Well, nothing like a list of a budding toddler’s vocabulary to clear out the blog cobwebs, right?

Literal cobweb

Mom (mah)

Dad (dada)

Duck (duh or guh)

Dog (dah-ee)

She loves this dog like you would not believe, but any stuffed animal is automatically “DAH-EE!”

Woof (ffuuh)

it’s the sound that DOGS make!

Goat (goh)

Chair (chehh)

Sit (sih)

(We had music playing at the time, which youtube recognized as copyrighted and therefore muted. Kind of cool!)

Down (dah)

About as down as you can get

Eat (actually, she says ahhmm because we kept making that sound when she put a bite in her mouth. Still counts.)

Cheese (chay)

More (moh)

Finished (shuh)

Nurse (nuhnuh)

Achoo (shhh)

Door (doh)

Shoe (shoo)

Sock (sah)

Toes (toh)

Diaper (dahday)

Pee (ssssss)

A pretty good list, I’d say. Only a few of them are really consistent (dog especially!) but she can and does say all of these. She also constantly chatters, reads her books out loud, and generally sounds like she has a whole lot to say. I think she’s going to be a talkative one!


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