Cute things happening now, and sometimes unrelated cute pictures

Loving purses, as always

Last night as I was getting her to sleep Cecilia learned to say her own name – SuhSuh. She said it over and over, giggling when I repeated her name back to her. Then she started naming everyone in the bed – Mama, Dah-ee (dog), SuhSuh. Mama, Dah-ee, Suhsuh.

SuhSuh and her dah-ee

She dances by tucking her head to one side and slowly swaying back and forth. Sometimes for more exciting music she bounces her knees. Yesterday she danced to the Mass parts at church. She loves music so much that the three seconds in between songs playing on the computer is a mini-crisis.

She enjoys playing with my feet. When I am sitting on the couch she will come and sit on them, pick them up and clap them together, wiggle my toes, and giggle when I move them.

One of her favorite books is The Going to Bed Book. She rushes us to the last page – “They rock and rock and rock to sleep” – and rocks herself from side to side with an enormous grin on her face.

She loves kissing dolls, reflections, pictures, anything with a face. She kissed the face of St. Maria Goretti on the program when we went to venerate her relics.

She has picked up on the sounds we make to encourage her to eat. Now if we remind her to take a bite, she shoves her hand up to her mouth with an enthusiastic Aaaahhhmmmm.

Chowing down on a drumstick

If we ask what her little toy rabbit says, she wrinkles her nose and sniffs.

Some nights she talks herself to sleep. As she gets sleepy (after plenty of nursing and reminders to lie down, of course) she will just lie there, cuddling the dog, getting comfortable, chattering to herself. After a little while she shifts, takes a deep breath, and is asleep. So funny.

She loves sitting on things. Getting up on a full-sized chair or couch is the best, but almost anything will do. A pillow, one of her toy baskets, somebody else’s knee. Anything could be a chair. Once we move, if there’s space, I might have to look for a toddler-sized table and chair for her.

She cooks while I cook. I set aside an old pot and wooden spoon for her to keep her occupied while I’m working in the kitchen. She dutifully stirs the spoon in the pot. She also has a couple plastic cups and an empty kleenex box to play with.

She has learned to sit going down stairs, but in an overabundance of caution she often sits several feet away from the steps, then tries to scoot along on her bottom.


She nearly exploded with joy and delight on Saturday when she got to meet a very large and energetic golden retriever puppy.

Joy and delight, but not about a puppy

She tries very hard to put shirts on over her head. No luck yet, but she is making progress!

As always, we are just having a blast raising this happy, silly, smart, loving little girl!


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