Halfy Birthday, Cecilia!

Today marks six months since Cecilia punched her way out into the open. Some pictures that I got before her diaper leaked poop all over the onesie:

It was very hard to get one on her back because she kept rolling over

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Seven quick takes – cold snap!

1 – excuses

I don’t have many pictures of Cecilia this week – oops. Truth is, Brian’s back at work and I’ve been adjusting to full-time on-my-own baby care. Fun, but I’m tired! And haven’t been thinking of the camera often. Enter 7 quick takes – a nice Friday motivation to remind me to update everyone (okay, the grandparents and Johanna mostly) on Cecilia and life in Madison. The loose theme: fall!

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Biscuit-top casserole

Our bi-weekly menu planning and grocery shopping routine works very well for us – until we come to the end of the second week (or the end of the menu, which often ends up stretching for another several days). Then we have to plan and shop, and it’s easy to put off, particularly if you’re super pregnant. Long story short, we did not have any meals planned or shopped for today.

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