Seven quick takes – cold snap!

1 – excuses

I don’t have many pictures of Cecilia this week – oops. Truth is, Brian’s back at work and I’ve been adjusting to full-time on-my-own baby care. Fun, but I’m tired! And haven’t been thinking of the camera often. Enter 7 quick takes – a nice Friday motivation to remind me to update everyone (okay, the grandparents and Johanna mostly) on Cecilia and life in Madison. The loose theme: fall!

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Babywearing, smiles

The mei tai (cloth panel baby carrier) from Eileen (my sister-in-law) arrived yesterday! We pulled it out today and took it for a spin. I’ve worn Cecilia already in a Moby (cloth wrap baby carrier), to Mass this past Sunday and to the zoo yesterday with a couple other moms and babies. Sorry, didn’t remember to take any pictures of that. So for the inaugural mei tai adventure, Brian did the honors.

Is there anything cuter than a dad and his baby?

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