Cute things happening now, and sometimes unrelated cute pictures

Loving purses, as always

Last night as I was getting her to sleep Cecilia learned to say her own name – SuhSuh. She said it over and over, giggling when I repeated her name back to her. Then she started naming everyone in the bed – Mama, Dah-ee (dog), SuhSuh. Mama, Dah-ee, Suhsuh.

SuhSuh and her dah-ee

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She amazes me

Can you believe Cecilia will be six months old tomorrow! That’s half a year! When, how, did that happen? She is constantly growing more capable and confident. I love getting to watch her learn and develop – it’s fascinating, and I’m often amazed at how much she takes in and figures out for herself.

First, there’s her sheer size. Her 6-month well visit isn’t for another two weeks so I’m not sure of her weight, but when I stand on the scale then pick her up it reads a difference of 16 pounds. An inaccurate measure, but probably not too far off. This morning I put her in 9-month clothing and it’s only a little big. Her 6-month stuff was really starting to stretch out!

You can see the stretch a bit here, in the feet and around the diaper.

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Rolling, and a Monkey: a drama in three acts

In my hurry to get that video posted the other day before something happened (Cecilia woke up? or got hungry? or got tired of playing on the floor? or something) I forgot the all-important disclaimer that she hadn’t actually managed to roll over yet. Sorry for being such a tease.

Well, that changed yesterday. I watched her try for almost half an hour after her first nap (the girl’s determined!), decided she’d be practicing for a few more days before she got it, and turned my attention to reading something. I looked back a minute later, and it took me a little while to register that she was on her stomach, and I had set her down on her back.

Moments after she rolled, looking very proud of herself

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